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Hello Mi Gente/My people!

Welcome to my page! I am Araceli Esparza and I am a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Culture Consultant. When I started doing diversity work in 2000, I executed strategic outreach to community stakeholders.

What was the thing that brought us together? Culture.

Culture is unity. Culture is story. Culture is art. Culture and outreach go together like salsa verde con carne asada!

As a DEI Culture Consultant, I help organizations keep their promise to provide opportunities that fulfill their commitment DEI initiatives, such as addressing unconscious bias for their frontline workers and creating strategies to diversify their audience by way of diversifying their supplier list.

Building a diverse ecosystem is important for retention of excellent staff and for the prevention of costly discrimination suits. Culture building workshops, lunch and learns, and corporate participation in cultural events are all crucial for a diverse ecosystem.

Need an idea for your DEI outreach strategy? Connect with your employees that are part of communities and celebrate their culture in an authentic and non-intrusive way.


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