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We build. We train.
We connect. We collaborate.

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our latest course designed to help nonprofit leaders foster connections and build high-performing teams.






This program incorporates intersectionality, grounding, mindfulness practices, journal writing, and anti-bias activities to help you achieve your goals.


Consultant for Nonprofits, The Arts, Libraries, Museums, and Historical Sites

We help companies and non-profits build bridges with donors and audiences to create authentic strategies that have a positive impact on marginalized communities.

  • We help increase your reach and audience with our strategies for community building.

  • We help your department understand how to be culturally aware when advertising to diverse communities.

  • We conduct an analysis of your online presence.

  • We help create content and plan out quarterly engagement strategies that will help your organization gain awareness and cohesion.


I help organizations create authentic outreach that has a positive impact on marginalized communities.


I deliver authentic keynote addresses illustrating how stories will bring the inclusion you need.


I also speak on mindset from a woman of color perspective, and I give talks on how to write your vision statement for the post-pandemic world. communities.

  • Vision statement writing

  • How to use your social capital to support Diversity and Inclusion

  • A podcast listen and  discussion party for Employee Resource groups

  • Inclusive stories will bring us together

 What clients say 


Intersectionality Work

“Araceli is a community leader and someone who works hard to get the job done. Orgullo Latinx is pleased to have worked with Araceli Esparza.”

Baltazar De Anda Santaza, Director of Orgullo Latinx
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 Ready to get started? 

Araceli in Action:
Racial Wealth Gap after the pandemic

As the founder of an organization that empowers women through storytelling, I strongly believe that it is important to support women of color on their journey towards financial freedom, whether as partners in a relationship, women business owners, single parents, or women re-entering the workforce after a long break.


As a consultant, I help non-profit organizations led by white people that provide services to low-income communities to understand the importance of being part of the community, rather than just providing case management or being a "drop in the bucket." Empowerment is different from complacency, and I help these organizations see that.


If you are interested, please schedule a discovery call to discuss how we can build an authentic community together!

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