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We build. We train.
We connect. We collaborate.


Intersectionality workshop:

We will define intersectionality and practice introducing ourselves using team-building exercises.

Participants will center their own identity and foster a deep sense of belonging.


After the workshop:

You will be able to understand what is intersectionality and why it’s important to center belonging.  


We help companies and non-profits build bridges with donors and audiences to create authentic strategies that have a positive impact on marginalized communities.

  • We help increase your reach and audience with our strategies for community building.

  • We help your department understand how to be culturally aware when advertising to diverse communities.

  • We conduct an analysis of your online presence.

  • We help create content and plan out quarterly engagement strategies that will help your organization gain awareness and cohesion.


I help organizations create authentic outreach that has a positive impact on marginalized communities.


I deliver authentic keynote addresses illustrating how stories will bring the inclusion you need.


I also speak on mindset from a woman of color perspective, and I give talks on how to write your vision statement for the post-pandemic world. communities.

  • Vision statement writing

  • How to use your social capital to support Diversity and Inclusion

  • A podcast listen and  discussion party for Employee Resource groups

  • Inclusive stories will bring us together

 What clients say 


Intersectionality Work

“Araceli is a community leader and someone who works hard to get the job done. Orgullo Latinx is pleased to have worked with Araceli Esparza.”

Baltazar De Anda Santaza, Director of Orgullo Latinx

 Ready to get started? 

Araceli in Action:
Women and Money Wellness

Wisconsin's Latina influencer, Araceli Esparza, presents an informative talk on why having a money mindset is important for all women. Araceli has managed several crowdfunding campaigns for her artwork, which empowers Women of Color and marginalized communities. Here she and Jane Olson (from Summit Credit Union) discuss what it means to have a money mindset as a Latina and later in the financial industry.

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