Culture Heals, Cultura Cura 

If we want unity, we must create 
opportunities for culture to be celebrated.

A little bit of Dairy, a Midwest heart, and a lot of Salsa.

I am a first-generation Latina, born and raised in Wisconsin. Who knew there were any Mexicans in Wisconsin? But actually, we are the third-largest population in the state. As the Latino population grew in Wisconsin, so did the occurrences of the festivals, businesses, art, and nuances that make up our culture. And that is when my work began.


Growing up in the Midwest, I was keenly aware that my name and family were different. This experience, and others, provided me with the unique advantage to observe how groups of people interacted in similar, yet segregated, spaces. I am a natural cultural connector, storyteller, event planner, and creative.

Using my experience and connections, I have helped create many outreach initiatives, raised thousands of dollars for non-profit efforts, delivered quality workshops, provided professional mentorship to Women of Color.


I am fiercely committed to creating spaces for storytelling; I believe that through storytelling social change is possible. I speak on how to do this and avoid the common pitfalls of tokenism, creating silos, and performative diversity. 

I help create authentic connections that have a positive impact.

 Curating ideas from the social justice movement.

 Cultivating actions from donors and their audiences.

 Connecting hearts from grassroots movements to corporations.