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Culture Heals, Cultura Cura 

If we want unity, we must create 
opportunities for culture to be celebrated.

A little bit of Dairy, a Midwest heart, and a lot of Salsa.

I am a first-generation Latina who was born and raised in Wisconsin. Despite being a minority, I was surprised to learn that we are actually the third-largest population in the state. As our community grew, so did our culture, including festivals, businesses, art, and other nuances that make up our unique identity. This is where my journey began.

Growing up in the Midwest, I realized that my name and family were different. This experience allowed me to observe how various groups of people interacted in similar yet segregated spaces. I have a passion for bring these segregated spaces together to build more community and opportunities. I have a natural talent for connecting with people, telling stories, planning events, and being creative. My Mexican/Chicana background gives me that historical understanding of first-generation populations and the foundations needed to thrive in our challenging economy. 

Feel free to book an appointment with me! With my experience and network, I have helped create several outreach initiatives, raised thousands of dollars for nonprofit organizations, delivered quality workshops, and provided professional mentorship to Women of Color.

I am also the founder of Midwest Mujeres, a unique nonprofit organization that works with all women and femmes to close the wage gap through education and empowerment. I am determined to create spaces for storytelling since I believe it is possible to bring about social change through stories. I often speak on how to achieve this while avoiding common pitfalls such as tokenism, creating silos, and performative diversity. If you want to learn more about my work, please book a discovery call with me by clicking the following link!

I help create authentic connections that have a positive impact.

 Curating ideas from the social justice movement.

 Cultivating actions from donors and their audiences.

 Connecting hearts from grassroots movements to corporations.

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