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Midwest Mujeres: Summer Classes and tasty content!

Midwest Mujeres is on fire!

We have three online classes by #wisconsin women of color teaching other Wisconsin women how to build their online presence through learning Canva, Video Storytelling, and keeping healthy during stressful times.

Meet our next three Mujeres, all three are members of Midwest Mujeres, and some are alumni of our Be Bold program!!!

August 16 and 23rd, Tuesdays from 7-8 PM, Yaya of Infinite Designs in Milwaukee, WI, will teach our women and you! (Si Tu!) best practices for using Cava 101 and 102 classes! Have you ever wondered how I can create a fun picture or story using Canva? Join us for this informative class!

Yajaira Liz Davila is the CEO and Graphic designer of Yayas Infinite Designs. As a full-time stay-at-home mom, she started her business to help her family financially and help other people with their businesses by providing them with services to help their businesses grow. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in art from Alverno College and freelanced for several nonprofits and solopreneurs! Now, she is taking the time to help other people through the art of graphic design!

September (my baby's birth month and every kid in Wisco! You do the math!:) 6th Tuesday from 7-8 PM (notice the pattern!)

The Art of Video Storytelling with Jamie Perez

It seems daunting and impossible to stand out in the crowded internet world. Especially for startups and solopreneurs, how do you get noticed? Your services, products, and skills are not necessarily unique. But your story is. The art of video storytelling helps nonprofits and for-profits share their stories and allows people to understand why they should care about YOU and your business. Local videographer and owner of Beyond Words Productions, Jamie Perez, will lead a workshop on the value of video for your organization.

Jamie Perez is a videographer and storyteller at heart. After six years as a TV News reporter, she decided to leave the career she thought she would be in forever. While she could leave news behind, she could not leave storytelling behind. Jamie is driven by emotional storytelling and passionate about creating empathy through videos. Jamie has helped people raise hundreds of thousands of dollars through video and has helped businesses hire and retain employees in a difficult employment market. When she doesn't have a camera, you can find her reading, writing, singing, crafting, cooking, hiking, traveling, or teaching pole dancing classes on the side.

Tuesday, Sept. 6th at 7-8 PM

Last but not least, to wrap up our summer classes with some wellness and real health talk!

The four secrets to staying healthy, even when you're busy, with Michelle Rosko

Join us to discover the Four Secrets to Stay Healthy, Be Consistent in Your Fitness, & Care for Your Body---So You Can Look & Feel Your Absolute Best! (Even if you’re going through big life changes, & without spending hours in a gym or following restrictive diets)

Michelle Rosko went from a perfectionist with disordered eating to a joyful fitness coach empowering women to live the happy & healthy lives they desire & deserve! They work online with women around the world. Michelle specializes in helping women who struggle with inconsistency in their health, like stopping and going to workout programs, emotional eating, or yo-yo dieting, to make lasting, sustainable changes. You can find her at or on IG at michellelynnrosko

Sign-up for the four secrets to staying healthy Tuesday, Sept 13th at 7 PM:


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