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Why are you dedicated to building authentic connections and collaborations?

Growing up in the Midwest, I realized that my name and family were different. This experience allowed me to observe how various groups of people interacted in similar yet segregated spaces.

I have a natural talent for connecting with people, telling stories, planning events, and being creative. Feel free to book an appointment with me! With my experience and network, I have helped create several outreach initiatives, raised thousands of dollars for nonprofit organizations, delivered quality workshops, and provided professional mentorship to Women of Color. I am also the founder of Midwest Mujeres, a unique nonprofit organization that works with all women and femmes to close the wage gap through education and empowerment.

I am determined to create spaces for storytelling since I believe it is possible to bring about social change through stories. I often speak on how to achieve this while avoiding common pitfalls such as tokenism, creating silos, and performative diversity.


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