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Madison Ballet hosts Chicago's Award-winning Choreographer, Stephanie Martinez, Latina Trailblazer.

Stephanie Martinez is the trailblazing Latina choreographer taking center stage in Madison, Wisconsin, this February at the Overture!

Stephanie Martinez choreographer, a series of black and white pictures of her

Madison Ballet hosts Chicago's Award-winning Choreographer, Stephanie Martinez, Latina Trailblazer. We are in for a real cultural treat as Martinez brings her artistry to the Overture Center of the Arts, promising an exploration of love through the language of Ballet and spirit!

image for the "LOVE" show at the OVERTURE, Madison, WI

Be sure to come with your loved ones on opening night on Thursday, February 15, 2024.

Stay after for an exclusive conversation with the choreographers and artists of Madison Ballet, moderated by Artistic Director Ja’ Malik!

Love is the compelling force behind this program and will be explored through a myriad of emotions – from joy and sadness to empathy and triumph. Audiences will enjoy the company premiere of "Something to Remember You By" by Martinez. The show promises to be a timely highlight, offering a unique perspective on the complexities of love.

Latinas and Black women have made big strides nationally in the ballet scene. It's important to show our youth, Latinas, and young women of color their contributions to the art world. As a Chicana/Latina madre, I will bring my teen oboe, piano, and hockey player to the show. I want her to see another Mexican-American mujer making strides in the art world! In Madison, we don't have many examples of successful Latinas in the art world (but we are out here!). This show is special, and the theme makes it fun!

I was honored to be asked to write a blog article about Stephanie Martinez, a Chicago Award-winning Choreographer who is coming to the Overture in February for a special performance with the Madison Ballet!

We asked Stephanie for a quote to share with our audience!

She wrote back:

"As a Mexican American with Indigenous ancestors from the Apache Nation, my heritage heavily influences my choreography as I desire to broaden the themes and narratives that ballet can portray.
Being born in El Paso, TX, an homage to Mexican culture, fashion, music, and social dynamics are found in many of my ballets. For ballet to remain a relevant art form, I believe we must evolve the representation seen on stage and inside studios."
"Something to Remember You By, explores the passion of love in many different forms.
This work needs and insists on not only of lovers intimacy but has a lens to be seen as various relationships: mother, offspring, man, woman, and humankind."
--Stephanie Martinez, Choreographer.

We have very few examples of Latinas making big moves in the arts scene. Going to opening night allows you to ask the performers and directors questions. To hear the story behind the story, to hear about the challenges of being an artist of color. As parents, we can use these moments to help our kids engage in the arts community.

As a poet, I find inspiration in dance, from sun dancing from our Wisconsin Native American Tribes to Mexican Baile Folklorico to Classical Ballet. It's important to show up for our gente (people) and to bring our youth so they can see the wide breadth of the arts.

We are proud that Madison Ballet is hosting Latina Choreographer Stephanie Martinez.

Join the LOVE at the Overture Center from Thursday, February 15, to Sunday, February 25, for an unforgettable journey into the realms of love and emotion. Be part of a cultural celebration that transcends boundaries and resonates with the universal language of Love and art in motion!

We also love that Madison Ballet is hosting a special “Out at The Ballet,” an LGBTQIA celebration performance on Friday, February 16th!

Secure your tickets now and immerse yourself in the transformative power of LOVE!


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