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Summer Catch-Up from the desk of a founder and circle keeper!

Hola Friends! I see that I haven't blogged on Wix since March! I've been blogging on LinkedIn LINK and have gotten over 800 subscribers!

***Blog cover photo credit: Gabby Escobar

two hands holding each other

Since my uncle passed away in March, I've become an international consultant and second-time Mujeres speaking coach (more about that later), and I've become more serious about my work.

That seriousness has required me to garden more, go outside for walks, and pause on saying yes to every after-set, networking invite, or temptation to overwork.

I'm actively developing my facilitator skills to sharpen my skills.

Today, I was asked how I define being a facilitator.

I felt the urge to doubt and want to google the official definition.

Webster's dictionary definition:


fa·​cil·​i·​ta·​tor fə-ˈsi-lə-ˌtā-tər 

: someone or something that facilitates something.

Especially someone who helps to bring about an outcome (such as learning, productivity, or communication) by providing indirect or unobtrusive assistance, guidance, or supervision

the workshop's facilitator kept the discussion flowing smoothly.


July 31st at Dreambank (I would love support on getting the word out!)

Oct to Nov Retreat

VLOG about the Guate Retreat project:

Next Wed July 10th

I'm doing a writing workshop via the Appleton Library

My answer is that a facilitator holds space and centers people's stories about how they show up and who they are when they leave the circle, and we find depth in common talks of our life as we share with others.

quetzali gif looking overwhelmed.

As a facilitator, it's important for me to empty myself out first; I talked about how I want to come half empty energy-wise because I'm there to use the time to move us forward in the road map. I help find commonalities, and we work from there. Agreements are made, and indigenous traditions are held. Circle conversations allow people to talk about themselves as it relates to their lives and mission and why, like why they are dedicated to what they are dedicated to.

I'm so happy to have taken the following master's courses for facilitators:

DEI Certificate program: Miriam Hall:

Gregg Potter:

OKAY! Great for them, right? BUT WHAT about the facilitator?


It took me years to learn that part of emptying out and taking care of myself as a facilitator. And I'm still learning!

Two Latinas holding a poster of a recently passed away family member

Mi Tio Pancho passed to the finale otro lado. He was like my father, but in many ways, he believed in my work. He knew the future was the power of mujeres intelligentes. Why? Because he was raised by one very smart mujer who, unlike many mujeres from her era... knew how to read and write, and that was just enough to give us one small yet significant advantage.

Love you both. Para Siempre.

How did I become an international consultant?

Well, glad you asked!

Mi amige Christin (They are non-binary, which is why I use the pronoun amige), who lives in Guatemala, asked me to consult a forming NGO helping Indigenous agriculture flourish among Guate women's seed and food coops. We talked, and he enjoyed what I said about developing systems or taking them into account. And I love what they are doing, so we decided to do a leadership retreat there! The women will teach us weaving, plant medicine, and dye coloring, and we get to chill at this magical lake!

Two latinas at Yo Quiero Dinero event

About a week ago, I led Midwest Mujere's second show with the help of so many volunteers and the community (Karen, John, Gio, my family, and everybody at C4CS and MyArts!)

I can thank so many more people, including our speaking coaches, for their help! Read about them here!

**Cap Times did an article on us:

**Madison365 podcast:

In the interview segment (18:25), Araceli Esparza and Paquita Purnell join us to talk about the upcoming Yo Quiero Dinero event, featuing the stories of women of color who are learning to claim their voices.

I can't wait to lead the next season of Midwest Mujeres in Fitchburg and Waunakee!

Here is what Gabierla, who was in the Sun Prairie cohort and then took our Speaking courses:

My name is Gabriela Belen and I was one of the assisting attendees at the Sun Prairie Library Dia De Los Muertos Event. I enjoyed seeing the children and parents learn about our culture, about the meaning of Dia De Los Muertos and our ofrendas and why we celebrate it.
I was able to help children make mini sugar skulls with marshmallows and explain to them why we use brightly colored skeleton and skulls, which represents the departed souls in the circle of life. I look forward to continuing this tradition in teaching families of our amazing culture and having them participate as well. 

Latina business owner volunteering for Day of the Dead celebration in Sun Prairie WI

In Other News!

I have learned a ton!

I'm happy to report that I finally have a business coach. I met her when I was mourning my uncle. He died unexpectedly, as these things happen. Two days after I returned, I saw that I had planned this business retreat. I didn't want to go, but I felt my Tio saying, "Go, you like these things; you deserve it!" As he would say!

I go. I'm not in a mood to share. I offer that boundaries are beautiful, and I swear the whole room vibe changed. It was good; it helped all of us, and Amber Swenor was respectful and Fun and anchored us into this magical place of growth.

Araceli and Amber Swenor at Brava event

I'm happy to say that this summer is finally feeling like the pandemic (the bad emotional parts of the pandemic) is lifting, but in other ways, the reality is still very real and sad.

I'm praying for the end of this genocide.

I'm praying for the good fortune of Mexico's first women President!

I'm smiling for a healthy summer.

Gracias, and welcome back!


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