Hello World!

It's been an incredible year for me!
And when you are that busy, your social media platform goes down hill.
I apologize for not keeping my page updated.
I hope that you have found all the other places where I do keep up like:
Twitter @WIMUJER and FaceBook Araceli's public FB page

 I'm reaching out saying that I'm still here!

I'm working on my picture books, met some really cool inspirational authors!!
Been super busy with familia stuff like mi abuelita with dementia...
and my big kid getting ready for life after HS!
I have made some guest blog posts!

In the meantime enjoy the pictures, check out my menu of services:

School Visits
Workshop Facilitation
Guest Lecturer
Poet Performer (Fundraiser events and such)
Class Instructor
Cultural Consultant for your programs

And if you want to hear my work follow through to my recording and videos page... Listen up! Enjoy