I have a dream in Madison, WI

I have a dream
I dream in 3D
So forget that I have a dream
When I squeeze so hard my insides
Houses come out red white blue and green
Down these streets
Between the heart and a land
Between these cold streets
Between the heart and a land
Have you given a hand to those who live on these cold streets in the heart land
Right here on these cold streets of Madison
Have you given a hand?
Have you helped?
Do you know that someone is rushing
Before their night fall
Do you know that someone is really close to killing them selves just bc
Of what they could and shouldn’t of done but they did

Do you know that someone needs you?
Right now in the heartland?
On these cold streets in the heartland
Can you give a hand? to someone on these streets in the heartland?
Their clothes don’t fit anymore bc they don’t cover up all the cold outside
coming inside
Between their clothes
Between their skin and the coat that their wearing
It just doesn’t fit anymore bc their starving
Not because heat but because of food and hunger of many years-days that seem like years and they haven’t eaten
And they are full of people
around them who eat everyday
Who have clothes who have homes who are not threatened
who are not persecuted by deamons
deamons that tell them to drink to do drugs to clean
not clean
clean up
clean down
so I ask you have you helped the people on the streets between the heartland
in the heartland in Madison
have you lent a helping hand?
To these people on the streets who are cold
Who don’t have much more than a coat
That doesn’t fit
But fits
But let’s in that air
That cold-cold air
That type of air that you don’t dare stand in for more than 3 minutes
Before you are already talking about how cold it is inside
But These ppl have no inside
Because even when they go inside
There’s somebody there waiting for them
It’s called a beer
It’s called drugs
It’s called a fix
It’s called just having a good time
It’s called just relaxing
It’s called a lot of different things
But it’s waiting for them
Everytime they go inside
and it ends up throwing them outside
Until they get in
into a place with iron bars
That don’t let them get inside or outside
Their in between worlds
Stuck like a ghost
In the heartland
In a land between a heart and helping hand
In a land between a heart and helping hand
Are you the helping hand?
Am I the helping hand?