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Speak Up! A virtual event for DEI leaders, speakers on workplace safety, and inclusion.

This virtual summit is a very special tribute to the work I've done in healing in the last four years. These women have each been a part of that healing by giving me advice and opportunities to learn about what it means to be a speaker in workplace safety and DEI. My particular niche in the landscape is presenting ways to engage authentically with diverse communities for museums, libraries, and historical sites, and museums. I give talks on the recruitment and retention of Latinos in the workplace, along with information on what it means to create a workplace that adheres to affirmative action law and the principles of an effective work team.

In 2019 I was attacked racially at work and then forced to leave, since then I have been networking on a national level, connecting with other people like myself.

I found a community of diverse and inclusionary speakers. We come from many different industries, and for the last year and a half, we have been coaching each other to become speakers and consultants in the inclusionary and workplace safety industry. Join me and 14 other speakers for this first virtual summit “Let’s Speak Up!”

Our speakers are national and international, TEDx talkers, book authors, internationally, award-winning speakers, DEI JEDIs, executives, and scholars who all have come together to stand up for each other, and create a space that is safe and welcoming.

Who: Join over 14 Latine speakers and women of color, inclusionary leaders in Diversity and Inclusion. What: A virtual Summit with National leaders celebrating inclusion and community. When: Sunday, March 26th at 11 AM - 2 PM (Central Time Zone) LINK:

What you will get out of attending: Leave feeling empowered! We want you to feel encouraged to the narrative from a culture that works in silos to one that works in the community. You will learn how to regulate your emotions when confronting microaggressions. Listen to real-life testimonies, tips, and advice for incorporating your story into your career goals.

Locally, SIX local leaders will be leading these conversations: Felisa Forte, Bilingual financial leader, Karen Garcia, Chamber ambassador and community bridge builder, Marcela Kyngesburye from the Rape Crisis Center and Zen leader, and former Madisonian Dr. Laura Minero UW Graduate of the Counseling Psychology program and well-recognized for their insight on trauma-informed, intersectional liberation. From Milwaukee, we have Rebecca Arrichielo, Wellness leader, and Isamary Reyes Rosario, Higher Education Leader, Milwaukee Area Technical College.

I love that I have had lasting memories with each of the speakers!

Isamary I met here at our last Yo Quiero Dinero event!

She signed up for our classes and she has attended our talk on recruitment retention. I love co-creating spaces with other Latina leaders from Wisconsin!

Yael and I have done a vlog together on Women's sexuality! LINK HERE!


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