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Latina nonprofit leader, Consultant, Workshop engager, and Diversity and Inclusion Speaker

Let's Build
Community Together

Consultant, Speaker, Facilitator

Drawing from years of my professional experience in diversity and inclusion work in community outreach, and my own familia's migrant worker roots, I consult on outreach initiatives for nonprofits and organizations. I speak on the power of using social capital for social justice, storytelling for inclusion, and writing your vision statement!


 For Diversity, Inclusion, and Culture! 


I help civic organizations, libraries, museums, and nonprofit organizations reach marginalized communities, to create city-wide wellness programs, pandemic virtual art shows, and year-long strategic outreach plans using social media and content analysis.


As a speaker, I have participated in roundtable discussions with workgroups, CEOs, and conferences. The impact has been thousands of dollars raised to help marginalized communities, city-wide wellness programs, pandemic virtual art shows, and educational awareness programs.

Impact and Action!       #womensupportingwomen

Check out this video! Using my network, I hosted an informative talk on grants, sales, and donor relationships with experts Veronica Figueroa (Nonprofit) and Ashley Powell (Sales). This is how we give back. Midwest Mujeres attracts grassroots organizing women of color often we do not have the donor relationships, or the know-how to apply for grants and sales. With this video, our followers will know how to promote, and create a strategy for donors!


I help organizations create authentic outreach programs, keynote addresses, and Diversity and Inclusion workshops that have a positive impact on marginalized communities.


Strategic Diversity and Inclusion Outreach for nonprofits.

Brand Ambassador Program for a targeted audience that is culturally diverse.

Social Media through a Diversity and Inclusion lens.


How to use your social capital to support Social Justice.

My journey to Homelessness to Abundance.

Inclusive stories will bring us together.

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Anti-bias 101 How to confront your unconscious bias!

What is Intersectionality? 

Writing your vision statement for the new post-pandemic reality.

 Midwest Mujeres in Action