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Resources for Abortions

This last week Wisconsin became one of the states in danger of losing its access to safe abortions.

Taken from the Planned Parenthood site access on 6/28/22

A June Supreme Court decision has overturned nearly 50 years of precedent and eliminated the constitutional right to abortion, stripping people of the freedom to control their own bodies. Because Wisconsin’s criminal abortion law is still in place, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin has suspended abortion services until we receive clarification from a court about whether the law is enforceable.

Okay so enough about camping, but basically you can go to Minnesota or Chicago if you need to and apparently there are some companies who will help you with the travel costs!

I'm not going to list them because they might only do this for a short time, you will need to google this.

But I can share this document:

My friends shared this document with me!

I'm not going to talk about my experiences with abortions but as a long-time social worker, I've given several Latinas rides or assistance to get one. There is a lot of shame around this. For the person getting it and they fear their family's judgment or even from their partner.

Forget about camping, vote, write, and talk about why you want the freedom to have an abortion. Check your male body friends, this does not only include het women, it includes lesbians, transwomen, transmen, and non-binary people.

I never thought I'd see this day. I'm still in shock. I can't believe that one thing that made the United States a leader is the thing that is now gone. This goes beyond choice, it's our freedom. Make no doubt the ultra-control freaks of our country want us to reproduce and stay poor. To continue to make them money and be their scapegoat for what is all bad in the US... Remember welfare mothers of the 80s? Who were they? Yeah.

Even writing this I predict the trolls will come for me. I don't care. Okay, the ultra-control freaks have won this battle, but it took them 50 years. We will come back stronger and move swiftly.

Double knot that law. No loose ends. And never should we forget that our liberation is tied to every oppressed abused labor and homeless person in our country. Until we are all free, we are not truly free.

Lesson learned. Time to reset. Point our navigation and march in shoulder to shoulder, action by action, vote by vote, and flip that decision. Little do they know-in 50 years we have learned something new. Our freedom does not predicate on your jurisdiction. Evidence is the activism that corporations have taken. Surprised a little, but we will see how long they last.

Abortion is global. Access will be global.


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