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Numbers Tell the Story

Did you know that the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion field has grown to have its system of analysis where metrics are being measured and collected?

Why is it important to talk about numbers?

Numbers tell the story.

They represent our efforts, successes and show us where we need to improve recruitment, retention, outreach, development, and advancement opportunities. The common feedback when talking to smaller organizations is they do not have the structures and they feel overwhelmed to do DEI work or to implement DEI in their organization.

What can you do if you have a small organization and don’t have those structures?

Start small. If your recruitment numbers are not high, what about documenting the collaborations or partnerships, you have made? What vision statements do you have in place that illustrate the type of collaborations you want? With these simple steps, you can start by getting your DEI house in order and ready for the future. Want more tips? Inbox me for an appointment! <3


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