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Why, we do what we do!

Hello, My name is Araceli Esparza; I’m the founder of a new organization called Midwest Mujeres. Our mission is to reduce the income inequalities for women. We are a mentorship program that connects, guides, and mentors Latinas and other Black and Brown women on business opportunities, online education, and presentation skills.

Midwest Mujeres Collective program is a mentorship program that teaches Latinas and other women self-empowerment storytelling skills and how they can create or expand their platform and use social marketing for social issues like health, wellness, career development, domestic violence, and other social justice issues.

I often joke with people: what are the two things you fear the most? Death and public speaking are typically the answers.

We believe that by telling your own story, you can control your narrative and reach for your dreams of a new career, new business, or new endeavor. We are here to encourage women of color to tell their stories. We provide content creation training and online education with teachers and speakers that look like our audience. We are intentional in curating our courses and do this in an online environment that is culturally welcoming for Black and Latina women.

We recently received the United Way micro-investment grant!

This was a special distinction because, as a new Latina lead organization, we are often not afforded the co-signing from established organizations. We are here to disrupt online education and create an intentional online space for Latinas, LGBTQ+femmes, and Black and white ally women. Considering the recent supreme court ruling and the devasting effects on women’s right to choose, we need all white women to stand up and be intentional in supporting our work and purpose.

Together we can close the wage gap for Latinas and Black women and help our most vulnerable population receive valuable career-enhancing and business-generating resources. The more we teach Latinas and Black women from the midwest to tell their stories online, the more we can grow as a region economically. We can all learn and gain a fresh perspective, a new mentor, and a new business. We know that with these skills Black and Latina women will be able to close the wage gap. We are movement makers of a new movement led by Latinas and all women. We are pushing back on the typical midwestern women troupe, taking up new issues, and defining our narratives.

Join us I Support Us! To keep the story going!


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