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Belonging, Empowering and holding transformational spaces

Our Next Event for Women's History Month

We were so happy to receive this grant from the Madison Social Media Breakfast to host this virtual event showcasing national speakers from various backgrounds and communities.

Join this virtual summit on Sunday, March 26th, for Midwest Mujeres SPEAK UP: Elevating, Belonging, & Centering our Stories. This program will elevate your professional journey (and your team's) and allow you to have deep relatable conversations with experienced leaders in banking, academia, marketing, nonprofit, liberation, and public health industries. “I'm going to tell my story. And it's going to be different than what they expected.” -Karen Garcia, Latina Legal Leader, Summit Speaker. Midwest Mujeres is becoming a nationally recognized storytelling platform. They support and teach women and non-binary people to tell their stories boldly.

Takeaways: This unique event will help you discuss accommodations for workplace culture and community. You will be empowered to strategize for long-term implementations for diversity and how to get self-care and resiliency while being a changemaker. We want to impart our knowledge and experiences so that others in our community don't have to endure challenges and difficulties. We want you to feel empowered to change the narrative from a culture that works in silos to one that works in community. Learn, listen, and leave feeling reflected and engaged with national leaders. This virtual event will center around stories of progress and challenges that our ancestors talked about, but this time we are talking about thriving in the boardroom.

Who is this for? Inclusive leaders, professionals, women/femme-identified folx who desire to engage in honest and vulnerable conversation and glean related expertise from national Leaders, Award-winning Authors and Community Organizers, Sex positive Influencers, Curanderas (Mexican Healers), Scientists., Non-Binary and Queer leaders, Poets, Business Coaches, and regional leaders! Come one, come all! Let's SPEAK UP! Yvette Duranzo, Founder of Unitive Consulting, Expert Conflict Management, and Author Karen Garcia, Career Advisor, Motivator, Chamber Ambassador Celina Lee, Global Tedx Speaker, Career and Executive Coach Felisa Forte MBA, Financial Professional, Money, and Savings Expert Curandera Marcela Kyngesburye, Transformational Coach, Healer, Zen Leader Araceli Esparza, Founder, Latina Speaker, Online Community Organizer, Storytelling Expert Isamaresy Reyes, ESL Career Readiness Coordinator, Empathetic, Maximizer, and Activator in Higher Education. Mickey Mestiza, Allied Artist, Co-Creator of Sol Shine Producciones Dr. Gina Vanegas, M.Ed., Inclusive Impact Evaluator & Speaker, Leadership Developer Rebecca Arrichielo, Business Operations, Campion of Inclusion and Belonging Luz Gonzalez, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, Content Creator, Emotional Intelligence Facilitator Dr. Laura Minero, Dr. Laura Minero, Licensed Psychologist, Anti-racist, Equity, and LGBTQ+ Affirming Community Consultant and Healer nora rahimian, Anti-Captialist Business coach, and #CultureFix CEO Yael Rosenstock Gonzalez, Identity, Relationships, Embodiment, Sex Coach, and Founder of Sex Positive You. Vanessa Castillo, Women’s Empowerment Coach, Founder, and Talkshow Host


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