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Our Intersectionality Workshop VIDEO IS DONE!

When people ask me if I only work with women, I confidently can say no!

There are several men of all backgrounds who help grow Midwest Mujeres. One of them is Giovanni A Aleman Sotelo, he is our videographer and amazing friend! We have mentored each other for over a year on these projects. This is the first of these videos that we want to create about the entire platform.

"A true friend accepts who you are, but also helps you become who you should be."

We are proud to present this premiere!

The intersectionality workshops are a wonderful way to give back to our community. We co-facilitate the workshops with women from our mentoring group. The workshops are about 2.5 hours long. Watch the reel, let us know what you think! And if you would like to learn more about these workshops, CLICK HERE


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