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Inclusive Leadership

What does Inclusive leadership look like?

Inclusive leaders develop plans to strengthen inclusive behaviors and feelings of belonging with thoughtful, emotional, and physical constraints of their employees because of the pandemic.

By giving more attention to the emotional well-being of their employees, leaders have found new ways to keep their employees engaged and focused. During these ever-evolving times, leaders are challenged to create an environment of inclusivity within the workplace.

Some great examples include: Self-care days Outings Spontaneous gift cards Post diverse paintings or art in common areas Highlighting employees’ culture or their favorite cause. Seeing disabilities as an opportunity to increase their workforce. Create a statement that reflects the organization’s commitment to inclusion Ask employees to share their stories of inclusion when did they feel included or excluded. These are all great suggestions and actions to identify how we can serve ALL employees.

If we can take these actions and make them part of our work culture, we can make a change. Need more ideas? Inbox me


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