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Date night, Hispanic Heritage Month, and Business Development

Date night and business development; what does one have to do with the other?

A lot if you are talking about arts and theater!

Last night, we attended the Brazilian play at the American Players Theatre called The River Bride. It was special because it’s not often we see Latinos on stage.

Both my husband and I come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Before the show started, we talked about how nobody taught us about the arts or plays because our families didn’t have the time or energy.

This cast was majority Latino. It was a magical experience taking us to the Amazon river, weaving in the magical realism of our culture in a way that transcended language and place. My husband is a man of a few words. At the end of the play, he was one of the first people that stood up and started clapping, and I heard him say, “This is a good one!”

Producing and showcasing plays that highlight Latino culture that communicates universal themes like love, is what will bring business development!

Not just because it attracts Latinos to attend but because it generates belonging. If we have more belonging, we can be that example for others and attract a bigger audience for our businesses.

As we’re reaching Hispanic heritage month, it’s not about putting the spotlight on everything that’s Hispanic— it is about putting the spotlight on all the beautiful things of our culture that are universal and expressed in our unique way. Hispanic heritage month is beyond just being Hispanic. It’s about how we celebrate universal things like love, comedy, and the arts in our daily lives.

Although our families never took us to a play, we lived our best lives, and just like in The River Bride, there was magic and theater in everything we did.


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