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Community Cultural Eventing

Community cultural events are something special.

Community Cultural events are when we connect through culturally-based events, it brings a larger understanding between people of different backgrounds and teaches us to appreciate the value we bring to our society.

When I plan events, I like to think of why we are doing this event, and how is the event sustainable. How is this event or gathering going to be supported by our community and who are the people we are focusing on?

It’s not always about the high number of attendance but the impact of the people involved is something that I help teams understand and fold into their larger outreach goals. For some in the community, cultural community events are a way for unique skills and talents to be highlighted.

For the corporations or organizations, it's the beginning of a long-range commitment to their overall goal of diversity, inclusion, and building equity in the way they distribute resources to communities that are both ethnically diverse and geographically in their location. What to know more? Connect with me


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