“They thought I was a Surrealist, but I wasn’t.

I never painted dreams.

I painted my own reality.”

- Frida Kahlo

 Welcome! Bienvenidas!
Midwest Mujeres is a collective for women by women.

Midwest Mujeres
 mission is
to reduce poverty and income inequality by providing educational online opportunities that support underrepresented women entrepreneurs to grow their dreams.

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The Magic

We are a mentorship program that connects, guides, and mentors Latinas and other Black and Brown women on business opportunities, online education, and presentation skills. 

Cohort 1: Be Bold Program 

  • Telling your story and leaning into your life experience and expertise

  • Financial Wellness What does it mean to be working poor and want to break out to create sustainable income

  • Financial Savings

  • Messaging and Online presence website

  • Accountability how we can create this now that we dreamed of it

Cohort 2: How to be Chingona on LinkedIn

  • How to Build Your Chingona Brand on LinkedIn

  • The Art of Creating a Chingon LinkedIn Profile

  • Harnessing Your Social Capital to Grow Your Career/Business

  • Establishing Your Chingona Thought Leadership on LinkedIn

  • Group Coaching and Certification

Cohort 3: Be Bold and Take the Mic: How to be a speaker!

  • What is my vision for myself or my business 

  • What is my area of experience and expertise

  • Practice on a panel discussion on a live show or a business pitch session

What is the thing that brings us together? Culture!

Midwest Mujeres focuses on education, employment, and mental health. This project is dedicated to recruiting women with barriers to re-entry work from a long pause or formerly incarcerated women. The groups or facilitators we work with are skilled in holding spaces that foster safety for women, especially women of color. We create circles where the women can use our platform to create campaigns to support their business events and gain support as they embark on a new social media channel. We create a culture of belonging for everyone who wants to celebrate equity, unity, and empowerment for women. That culture is not for everyone.


Building a culture of belonging takes time and allows for new roots and sprouts that might be considered competition, but in our culture, that is not a competition but an empowerment movement becoming a reality. 

Our movement circles are Civil Rights, Mothering, LGBTQ+ in our Latino Community, Inclusive practices, Leadership, feedback, Social Justice, Content Creation, Social Media creation, and business development.

Thank you for your donation! Midwest Mujeres Collective is a mentoring program that supports  Latinas and non-Latina women to up-skill their digital knowledge to grow their own businesses and platforms.

Meet the women we collaborate with and empower

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Our current & past fellows.

Catch up with our blogito!

Apply to be part of our Be Bold program!

The Midwest Mujeres/Midwest Woman Be Bold program is a paid fellowship. It's a professional growth opportunity to learn valuable skills in content creation, entrepreneurship, and more. Connect with Latinas, Black, and all women and build a community network of support and connections. Our Facebook Group is a virtual support group for women looking to grow their leadership skills and business.

Listen to Midwest Mujeres

Listen to the Midwest Mujeres Podcast, a podcast by and for Latinas aiming to break the Isolation of Latinas living in the Midwest.

 Meet our advisory board! 


Nancy Saiz

Amazing Community Maker and Advocate.

"Change begins at home."


Robbi Dominguez

Owner of Madison Studio 11 Your Fitness Bestie!

"It's never too late to start the longer your wait, the harder to start."


Yo Quiero Dinero Team

Johnathan William Delgado, Yazmin Sulem Lopez, Liz Camacho, Anna Jordan-Vazquez, and GiovanniAleman Sotelo

"Together we will close the wage gap for all!"

Shady Sat English.jpg

Shadayra Kilfoy-Flores

Organizer and Social Justice Activist.

"It's possible for you to feel supported and valued!"


Veronica Figueroa Velez

Artist, Consultant, Grant Writer, and Executive Director of DAMA Arts.

"I believe that we are all creative beings, and our originality holds the power that helps us survive and thrive."

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